ArrMaz Announces Acquisition of Asphalt Additive Manufacturer, MaxxChem

(TULSA, OK) May 2, 2017 – ArrMaz announced today that it has completed the asset purchase of asphalt additive manufacturer, MaxxChem LLC, located in East Point Georgia. The MaxxChem business will be rolled into ArrMaz’s Road Science® Division, the leading supplier of asphalt additives and emulsifiers to the asphalt paving industry. MaxxChem’s KoHere® line of easy-to-apply liquid anti-strip products protects pavement from moisture damage and oxidation, effectively complementing Road Science’s existing portfolio of asphalt additives.

“We are pleased to welcome MaxxChem customers into the ArrMaz family,” said Dave Keselica, Chief Executive Officer, ArrMaz. “This acquisition builds on our commitment to providing the asphalt paving industry with innovative, cost-effective solutions to build better-performing, longer-lasting and safer roads.” The Road Science portfolio, anchored by the AD-here® brand of liquid anti-strips, has been making roads more durable and longer-lasting since 1989.

About ArrMaz & Road Science

ArrMaz is a global leader in the development of specialty chemicals for the asphalt, mining, fertilizer, phosphate, and oil and gas industries worldwide. Since 1967, ArrMaz has manufactured chemical process aids and additives formulated to optimize process performance and product quality.

Road Science, a division of ArrMaz, is a technology leader in the supply of asphalt emulsifiers and additives to the global asphalt paving market. Much more than “off-the-shelf” products, our complete system solutions include technical services such as job support, mix design and formulation support, crew training and specification development to meet the unique needs of the asphalt paving industry.

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Asphalt Additives & Polymer Solutions

We, at MaxxChem value the opportunity to serve our customers.

All of our Products are designed to meet your specific requirements, and include some of the best-in-industry qualities, ranging from application, to durability.

We also lead the industry in quality-testing certifications & acceptance, and since we produce to your specifications, our asphalt additives and polymer solutions will meet your exact requirements.

We specialize in providing the newest technology to the asphalt, surfacing and stabilzation industries."